About Us

Flowsent is a premium marijuana delivery service in Oakland, Sacramento and soon to be in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Our team consists of local business owners with over 50 years of experience inside and outside the cannabis industry. Additionally, members of our team have won numerous Cannabis Cup and Emerald Cup awards.

We are proud of our home state and the world class weed grown here.

We have partnered with some of California’s premiere cannabis brands including Guild Extracts, Papa & Barkley, Whoopi & Maya, Elyon Cannabis Farm, Cookies, Lagunitas, and continue to add more choices to the menu. Our relationship with craft cannabis farmers allows us to offer high-quality flower and cannabis oil products for our customers at low prices – every time.

Goldie the cannabis chat bot

Goldie the cannabis chat bot

Virtual Bud Tender

We like to think California is called the ‘golden state’ because of our epic golden cannabis oil. Say hello to Goldie the virtual bud tender. Goldie represents the golden state filled with delicious golden dab oil. You can chat with Goldie about all sorts of things like medical cannabis recommendations, customer service needs and about our weed delivery products. Click here to chat with Goldie.

Get California's Premium Cannabis Products Delivered

Here in California, we march to our own tune. We've got the best cannabis in the world and the best lifestyle along with it. Elevate that golden state of mind with premium cannabis delivered straight to you by Flowsent.

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